I had a great time out west…really relaxed. The boy’s had a ball riding the bikes and doing some skeet shooting. One of the lads had a big off.. into a bore drain. I warned them, but they didn’t listen! He was OK just a few bruises and a sore ego. My mate Grant brought his brother Greg along and we had a few wines and plenty of stories around the fire at night. Grant is part owner of Kea Campers and was over here on a working holiday, checking out the Australian branch and treking about in one of his campers. You can find more info on Kea at…. . Cam, my Workshop Manager, and his wife Sandy went over to NZ for a couple of weeks and hired a camper off Kea to drive around in. He had a fantastic time and said the quality of the camper and the service from the staff at Kea was first class. They went in the middle of winter and he said the camper was so warm it was never a problem sleeping. He also commented on the fact that NZ is well set up for people travelling in a vehicle. There are drive in camper parks everywhere with communal toilets, cooking/dining areas and washing facilities. Where is all this heading? Is this just an advert for Kea? I was just trying to give you an idea of how easy it is to travel in NZ and how capable these guys are, because Kea has now started up a motorcycle hire outfit. They have late model BMW’s varying from 650cc to 1200cc and cover road, touring and off road motorcycles. If you are thinking of checking out NZ and are considering a bike trip, give me a call and I can put you in touch with Grant, he’ll do the rest! Or contact him through their web site:

We’ve just sold the 1998 GL1500. He’ll be one happy owner! The 3 Goldwings have created plenty of interest. Lots of oooh’s and aaah’s! A lot of people comment on the size of the Goldwings but the interesting thing about the GL’s is that after an hour or so of riding one, you start to throw them around just like any other big bike. Obviously they don’t have the ground clearance of a sports bike, but you get used to the size and they are quite manoeuvrable. GL’s are absolutely perfect for what they are designed for… cruising on open roads. As good as they are around the city, they are hard to beat for cruising comfort.

Container M 26 should get in approx. 21st June. If you are interested in any of the bikes in that container, give myself or John a call and we can give you more details and some pictures as well.

I was recently asked to comply a GL1500 for a gentleman that is having the bike sent over from New Zealand. It was his father’s bike and he recently passed away. Up until now we have only complied “in house” but we are now considering complying for outside parties. If you have any queries on this matter please don’t hesitate to give me a call and we can discuss the details.
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BTW.. The reason we have started putting up the Bikes Arriving page is so that you guys can see what’s coming ahead of time. We take pics of all the bikes we buy in Japan and take a lot of details… klms etc.. about the bikes so if you see a bike that you are interested in you can secure it or basically reserve the right to first option by putting down a reasonable holding deposit. This deposit is guaranteed by us, Import Motorcycle Centre, to be 100 percent refundable as long as the customer requires no modifications to be made to the machine from it’s original state eg: wild paint schemes. So many people come in to buy a certain bike only to find out it is already sold. As the saying goes “First in first served”!

This will stop you from missing out on the bike you want…. and remember it is 100% refundable.

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