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Suzuki GSXR750R Specification & Pictures

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Model: GSXR 750
Year 1986
Horsepower 104ps @ 10,500 RPM
Weight 176kg

A brief history: Suzuki opted to forego water cooling with this model and instead introduced SACS, Suzuki Advanced Cooling System.  Double overhead camshafts, Four valve cylinder head and a new versions of Suzuki's TSCC (Twin Swirl Combustion Chamber) 

Characteristics include - 4 X Mukuni 29mm flat slide carburettors, 4 into 1 exhaust and a 6 speed gear box.

This bike evolved from the 1000c GSX 1983 World Endurance Championship winning machine of Herve Moineau and Riachard Hubin. 

The GSX-R 750 was successful in production racing.  Rob Phillis rode one and consistently beat Kawasaki GPZ900's and Honda VF1000s. 

Rob McElnea rode a factory model bike to victory in the Classic TT at the Isle of Man.

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